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Secure payment

We accept payment from most debit and credit cards, via Paypal or by direct transfer to our bank account. Each method is outlined further below.

Card Payments

We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express debit or credit cards. This payment method is secure, convenient and instant.

Our payment processing is handled by SagePay, one of the world's top global payment processing companies. The payment section of our website is a secure area and communications between your computer and our site is protected by secure certificates - you will notice that the url becomes 'https' and is denoted using a padlock in the payment areas. This ensures that your transactions with us are secure and protected. We do not see or store any of your card information on our systems. Your card information is goes directly to SagePay who administer the payment collection from your card.

Your transaction is authenticated using 3D secure in countries where this is supported. This provides additional protection for you as we will not accept a payment where 3D authentication fails.


We also accept payments for your orders using Paypal. This payment method is secure, convenient and instant.

Although you can use Paypal to make Visa or Mastercard payments, we prefer it if you use your Paypal balance when paying us through PayPal and use our card processing facilities mentioned above to make card payments to help us keep our costs low.

Rest assured, we do not see or store any of your payment or card details. Paypal handles all these details on its secure and trusted system.

Direct payment to our bank account (UK only)

The most secure method of payment is a "push" method, where you initiate the payment from your bank account. You are in full control and are not required to disclose your bank or card details to anyone. We accept payments that you make directly into our bank account for your orders and our system will allocate your payment to your account when received.

If you choose this payment method, your order confirmation will include details of our bank account into which you can make payment. Included in these details is a reference number for you to use as the beneficiary reference when making the payment. Our system uses the beneficiary reference number to correctly allocate your payment to your order. Please use this reference to avoid delays in processing of your order. The beneficiary reference number that we send you will be your reference number and once it is correctly set up on your internet or telephone banking service, it will not need to be changed unless you set up a new account.

Payments made using this method are usually received within 2 hours of making the payment. There is usually no delay or difference to your order if you pay using this method.

Please note, that if we do not receive payment for your order within 7 days of the order being placed, our system will automatically cancel the order. This enables us to avoid situations where we hold stock for certain customers without having received payment, causing difficulties in our stock management, cash flow, taxation and operational processes.

Further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding your payments, please call us on the number at the top left of the website or email us using the contact-us form.