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MT1 Adjustable Pen Mandrel

Adjust the length of the mandrel to fit any pen kit. Loosen the locking collar to slide the mandrel in or out to fit the blank. No need to make spacers to turn shorter barrels. Turn up to 2 pen barrels at a time or a single barrel up to 6" in length. Replace the mandrel shaft if it is damaged whilst turning.

  • Quickly adjusts length
  • Saves time while turning
  • 7 mm mandrel
  • Replaceable shaft

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Country of OriginTaiwan
Morse TaperMT1

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A pen turning mandrel is a tool used on a lathe that provides a stable base on which to turn a pen. The pen barrel is mounted onto the mandrel between bushings which provide a guide to the profile of the pen. A pen mandrel is an essential tool and is required for turning pens on a lathe.

When choosing a mandrel, the most important consideration is to make sure you get a mandrel that will fit your lathe. This adjustable pen mandrel will fit lathes that have a number 1 morse taper fitting in the lathe spindle.

Adjustable pen mandrel with #1 morse taper fitting

The adjustable pen mandrel uses a collet to grip the mandrel shaft, making the shaft length adjustable. This offers several advantages:

  • The length of the mandrel shaft can be adjusted to precisely the length required to turn your chosen pen using the adjustment nut.
  • When turning a pen, it is preferable to use the shortest possible mandrel shaft as this reduces the chances of any bend in the mandrel shaft through the pressure of the turning tool, which can result in the final turned barrel becoming slightly oval in shape.
  • The mandrel shaft can be replaced if necessary without having to replace the whole mandrel - this is usually more cost effective. If you use your pen mandrel frequently, it may become worn or bent over time and the ability to replace only the shaft will save you money in the long run, even though the initial cost of the adjustable pen mandrel is higher than the basic pen mandrel.

A mandrel saver live centre may be used together with the adjustable pen mandrel to make turning easier and to prolong the life of the mandrel shaft.

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Worth every penny
I originally ordered the wrong size mandrel. I ordered this model to arrive before Christmas which it did, in only a few days....
This review has been posted for MT1 Adjustable Pen Mandrel
Indispensabile per realizzare penne precise insieme alle boccole. (Quando ritoveremo in vendita il "mandrel" singolo?...
This review has been posted for MT1 Adjustable Pen Mandrel
Ottimo! Indispensabile per realizzare penne precise. Da quando l'ho acquistata ho risolto tanti problemi. (Prima usavo...
This review has been posted for MT1 Adjustable Pen Mandrel

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